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Title I -- Interviewing

Interviewing tips, techniques and guidelines

Preparing for the Interview:

Application and interviewing procedures should comply with the ADA. The ADA prohibits disability-related questions or medical exams before a real job offer is made.

The interviewing location should be accessible to applicants with mobility, visual, hearing or cognitive disabilities.

Appropriate and reasonable accommodations should be made to enable a job applicant with a disability to present himself or herself in the best possible light. When sitting up the interview the hiring process should be explained and the individual asked if he or she will need reasonable accommodations for any part of the interview process.

A rehabilitation counselor, social worker or other third party should not take an active part in or sit in on an interview unless requested by the applicant.

All questions asked during the interview should be job related. Essential job functions regarding the position for which the applicant is applying should be explained, as well as why, how, where, when and by whom each task or operation is performed.

Conducting the Interview:

Make every effort to make the applicant feel relaxed. The interviewer should not be afraid of making mistakes.

The interviewer should not speculate or try to imagine how he or she would perform a specific job or task with a disability.

The applicant's technical and professional knowledge, skills, abilities, experiences and interest should be the focus, not the disability.

Disability related questions and medical examinations are prohibited under the ADA at the pre-employment offer stage.

Tests which demonstrate th applicant's ability to perform actual or simulated job tasks are permitted. The applicant should be notified that such a test is necessary so he or she can request a reasonable accommodation.

Do Not ask:

Have you ever had or been treated for the following conditions?

Have you been treated in the past three years for any of the following conditions or diseases and, if so what were they?

Have you every been hospitalized? If so, for what condition?

Have you ever been treated by a psychiatrist or psychologist? If so, for what condition?

Have you ever been treated for any medical condition?

Is there health-related reason you may not be able to perform the job for which you are applying?

Have you had a major illness in the last five years?

How many days were you absent from work because of illness last year?

Do you have any physical defects that preclude you from performing certain kinds of work? If yes, describe such defects and specific work limitations.

Do you have any disabilities or impairments that may affect your performance in the position for which you are applying?

Are you taking prescribed drugs?

Have you ever been treated for drug addiction or alcoholism?

Have you ever filed for workers' compensation insurance?

Questions that may be asked:

Can you meet the requirements of the attendance policy?

Can you perform the tasks of this position with or without reasonable accommodation?

Describe or demonstrate how you would perform this function, with or without an accommodation.

Do you use illegal drugs?

Have you ever been arrested for driving under the influence?

Do you have the licenses and degrees to perform this job?